Sensory Room

Little Rascals Update - July 2016 - If you would like to use the Sensory Room, please contact us in advance for availability before visiting. Thank you.

Our specially designed Sensory Room at Little Rascals, offers huge benefits to a wide range of users regardless of their age or ability, and is particularly beneficial for babies and children with learning disabilities. Our Sensory Room is calming, but at the same time it can be interactive and stimulating.

Little Rascals - Sensory Room

It is the perfect solution for individuals who require a calming or relaxing environment to help manage anxiety or distress. Our sensory room also has everything needed to create a stimulating interactive environment, which can help to develop switching skills, cause and effect skills and colour recognition, along with improving social interaction.

Here at Little Rascals we are very proud of our sensory room and how much it can help in the development of children. This is an amazing and unique service and we guarantee your child will enjoy the relaxing and stimulating experience.

What is it?
Little Rascals - Sensory Room Quiet Space

Our specialised sensory room is a quiet space with a range of stimulating features to help your child with their sensory development.

The room provides a place of relaxation & stimulation for babies, young children and their carers. The room has an aquatic bubble tube, a fibre optics and lights, UV Light Panels, Milkyway Carpet & Projectors, all of which can be activated by the child or carer using push button controls.

Using our room...
Little Rascals - Sensory Room

The first few years of their life, babies & toddlers will learn to use their sensory motor skills. Our sensory room has been build to assist this learning & development process through the use of our sensory room at Little Rascals.

The Little Rascals sensory room can be used by any child visiting us at no extra cost with adult supervision, & has been proven to be particularly beneficial to children who have special needs. Other benefits are that it supports the development of communication, reduces tension & increase relaxation as well as improving concentration & calmness.

The benefits!
Little Rascals - Sensory Room

Young children of all abilities can benefit from using our ensory room to develop fundamental, important & essential sensory skills they may need in later life.

Our sensory room is particularly useful for children with sight or hearing problems and have been proven to be extremely valuable to children with autism or other brain related special needs. Features of the Little Rascals sensory room include:

  • Light & Image Projector
  • 8 Way WiFi Switch
  • UV Light Panel & Carpet
  • Laser Sky & Mirrors
  • Colour Match Panel
  • 1.75m Aquatic Bubble Tube
  • Shaped Padded Base
  • Fibre Opics
  • Milkyway Carpet
  • Floor Cushions

Please ask at reception for more information next time you visit, or contact us.

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