the play centre
main play area

The aim with the play area is simple; create a fun, exhilarating play environment that will get children motivated to exercise and engage with others.

Within the main junior structure the emphasis is on active play, runs of varying difficulty provide a challenging and exhilarating experience for all.

sports area
Little Rascals - Sports Area

We are proud to have the Little Rascals Sports Area for a variety of soft ball games!

Our area is fully enclosed with fun stadia artwork to give children a magical experience. There are football goals & basketball hoops to keep everyone entertained & although the pitch is mainly suitable for our younger guests, there is lots of fun to be had by all! So if you have a fanatical football fan or a child that is barmy about basketball then make sure they go & have some fun in Little Rascals Sports Area!

Ball Boggler ball pit
Little Rascals - Ball Pit

Our exciting interactive ball pit is great fun for children of all different ages!

There is lots of fun to be had jumping into, swimming through, throwing and even hiding amongst the colourful sea of balls.

Little Rascals also has an interactive Ball Boggler that uses jets of air to suspend the balls in mid air, which will give children endless fun watching the boggler magically juggle the balls!

Toddlers & Baby Area
Little Rascals - Toddlers & Baby Area

The toddler and baby area is very open plan so that parents can see into the frame unobstructed.

When baby areas are too busy they can discourage parents from coming in and interacting with younger children. We have chosen age appropriate products that will challenge and delight.

Toddlers require more challenge and stimulation than babies, keeping then entertained and active has been our priority. The inclusion of a second floor means that children have to overcome different obstacles.

Negotiating the log ramp for example is no easy feat, however once toddlers gain confidence as they find their way around the area and race down the slide. We can't wait for your little rascals to have all the fun they want here at Little Rascals!

Ramm's Kitchen
Little Rascals - Ramms Kitchen

We have fully qualified chefs with a wealth of experience, who carefully choose nutritious ingredients that are sourced locally wherever possible to create delicious hot and cold meals.

All of our meals are served daily and freshly prepared to order so please be patient during busier times to ensure we are able to maintain the standard of our high quality dishes.

Ramm’s Kitchen also offers a selection of tea, coffee and cold drinks along with some scrumptious homemade cakes, tray bakes and other treats, which are all available from our Servery. Make sure you keep an eye on our Specials Board, which will be regularly updated with tasty homemade dishes.

Take a look at our Food & Drink Menu from Ramm's Kitchen!

Sensory Room
Little Rascals - Sensory Room

At little Rascals we offer a unique service in our specially designed sensory room. This is the ideal environment for children to relax in, explore, and develop their senses and skills.

It is suitable for children of all ages and abilities, but will be particularly beneficial for children with learning disabilities, as it will help them to relax and reduce any anxiety, and babies, as they will really enjoy the interactive equipment available.

Take a closer look & find out more about the Sensory Room...

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