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Sunday 29th November – Little Rascal’s Doors Open

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Tomorrow Sunday 29th November – Little Rascals indoor soft play centre in Shrewsbury opens its doors. My business partner Ben Wootton & myself could not be happier.

Little Rascals Indoor Soft Play Centre - ShrewsburyOver the last few months we have been painting walls, sticking vinyls, laying carpet tiles & building our new indoor soft play centre in preparation for tomorrow and it’s been a real challenge but now seeing it come to fruition we could not be prouder! Ben & I are really excited to show you all what Little Rascals has to offer.

Little Rascals indoor soft play centre is based in Shrewsbury, in the heart of Shropshire as will cater for all types of children – from babies all the way to around 10 years of age. We have party hosting facilities for birthday parties and a sensory room for everyone to enjoy. Accompanying that we have Ramm’s Kitchen where we will serve a fantastic and tasty range of food, drinks & treats.

Little Rascals - Building SiteReady, Steady, Play – our motto that underpins everything we want to do. Ready – We are fully prepared to ensure you have a great time at Little Rascals. Steady – We want to ensure a good standard and consistent service. Play – And of course, Play. We guarantee that every time you visit Little Rascals you and your children will have fun.

We have a great team around us, being a family company we want to run it like a family, with family members featuring in all levels of the business from management to admin all the way to the party team and day to day staff – this is something that is important for us now and going forward.

We would like to also thank everyone that has helped us build Little Rascals especially Chris Wootton and his team of people including Tom Wootton, that have literally built Little Rascals from the ground. Also big thanks to – Mary, Randle, Kim, Sam, Sarah, Kim W, Lucie, Waggy & Stef.

Little Rascals - Indoor Soft Play Centre ShrewsburyWe would like to say a massive thank you to the guys over at PinkPetrol for making our vision to come reality with the entire brand. Sam & his team have worked tirelessly to create our new responsive website, marketing materials, character development, signage and our social media campaign leading up to tomorrow.

Hope everyone comes and takes a look at Little Rascals and more importantly enjoys what we have to offer.

Many thanks & look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Dave Edwards.


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