Everything you need to know about Little Rascals

At Little Rascals, we believe our slogan ‘Ready-Steady-Play’ underscores our values, which we work toward to ensure your visit is enjoyable.

We are a 100% non-profit organisation, which means 100% of all proceeds from the play centre go to our charity “little rascals foundation”.

“Little Rascals Foundation” is a charity that provides help and services to children and their families with SEND needs. We are overseen by a Board of Trustees and regulated by the Charity Commission.
Little Rascals Foundation provides SEND specific play sessions, holiday clubs and one-to-one support in the local community.

We aspire to be a selfsustaining organisation, but until we reach that goal, we are always looking for support from the local community and businesses.

When we are not holding our SEND sessions we open our doors to the general public for soft play and parties!

At Little Rascals, we pride ourselves on our fun, entertaining parties where you can relax and watch the kids play.

Our indoor play centre for children provides a safe, secure and stimulating play environment. It consists of an interactive baby area, a fun play frame for toddlers and an exciting adventure play frame for older children as well as a newly built sensory room! Parents can sit back and relax in our comfortable seating area, which overlooks the entire play structure.

There is free parking on site and a lovely cafe to make your visit enjoyable.


All our staff are fully trained and ready to support you with anything you need. We are also ready to keep your children safe, all our equipment has been designed with the children’s safety in mind and we have detailed health and safety procedure in place aswell as a first aider on site at all times.


We want to ensure a good standard and consistent service. Every time you visit Little Rascals we aim to ensure you always have the same excellent experience. We keep our play centre clean, tidy and well maintained.


We guarantee that every time you visit Little Rascals you and your children will have fun. Our play equipment is designed to ensure it is stimulating and enjoyable for the children. Fun for your children is key to making a happy child, meaning happy parents every time!

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards is a retired professional footballer, who played for Shrewsbury Town, Wolves and Wales. Dave is very grateful for the support he has always received from the people of Shropshire and wanted to give back to his home town. Dave believes that Little Rascals is a great way of doing this, as it gives the families of Shrewsbury a fun filled and enjoyable day out.

Ben Wootton 

Ben Wootton has worked for many years with vulnerable adults and with children with learning disabilities. He has worked on developing Little Rascals, so that it is suitable for children of all abilities and believes that the Sensory Room we are hoping to build will be a calming and interactive area for children with learning disabilities to really enjoy.