Little Rascals Shrewsbury - Ramm

He tackles one, he collects the dropped ball – he scores the try – meet Ramm!

Hi, I’m Ramm.

When I am not playing rugby with all my pals I am in the kitchen cooking up anything from our Quater Pounders with cheese to one of my favourites – sausages & chips! When I am not in my kitchen I will be playing with Kicca, Kixxy & Bella in the sports arena or maybe in the ball pit.

I enjoy spending time with Bella, Kixxy and Kicca and we all like making new friends!

Ready Steady Play!


Fact File – Ramm

  • Age : 6 Years Old
  • Birthplace : South Africa
  • Likes : Rugby and Mud Baths
  • Dislikes : Spiders
  • Favourite Food : Sausages
  • Favourite Book : The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • Fun Fact : A rhino’s horn can measure as long as 150 cm…WOW!
  • Favourite Part of Little Rascals : Ramm’s Kitchen


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