Little Rascals Shrewsbury - Kixxy

Seconds left on the clock, it’s a free kick…. OVER THE WALL & IN – meet Kixxy!

Hi, I’m Kixxy.

Much like my friend Kicca I’m a friendly, energetic bouncy Kangaroo! There is nothing more I love than playing football with all my very best friends at Little Rascals, I especially love scoring free kicks! You will always see me wearing my purple football top and matching purple bow in my hair.

I enjoy spending time with Ramm, Kicca and Bella and we all like making new friends!

Ready Steady Play!


Fact File – Kixxy

  • Age : 7 Years Old
  • Birthplace : Australia
  • Likes : Football and Baking
  • Dislikes : Smelly socks
  • Favourite Food : Fish Fingers
  • Favourite Book : The Tiger Who Came For Tea by Judith Kerr
  • Fun Fact : Kangaroo’s can jump obstacles up to 10 feet high, that means Kixxy could easily jump over a full size football goal!
  • Favourite Part of Little Rascals : The Ball Pit


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